mercredi 26 janvier 2011

Opening of the Numerica Sinica Blog

Welcome to the blog Numerica Sinica, national platform for digital resources on Greater China (CNRS-INSHS).

The prodigious development of digital resources is one of the major contributions and issues of research on Greater China (China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chinese communities overseas). The purpose of this blog is to open a forum for the critical discussion and presentation of commercial and free  resources in the field of "Chinese studies" available throughout the world.

The pooling of knowledge that  digitaltechnologies 
allow is the best way to support research, to  inform and guide choices in the acquisition of often expensive collections, and to lay the groundwork for a union catalog of digital resources.

This blog is moderated by the group of librarians and researchers initially gathered around the platform Numerica Sinica. However, it is open to all French and foreign specialists who wish to contribute. To subscribe to the blog as a "contributor", simply contact

The blog is open to contributions in English, French and Chinese.

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